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Optimising athlete performance

Course outline:
Day 1: Workload and injuries workshop

  • A best practice approach to training monitoring
  • Should we be training smarter and harder?
  • What are we training for?
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: Some case studies & practical sessions – Build robust athletes


Day 2: Testing and training elite football players

  • Physical demands of match-play
  • Repeated sprint demands
  • Practical session: performing a RSA test – Data analysis and interpretation – Pacing
  • What do the best football development programs look like?

Tim Gabbett holds the course and you can read about him and his work here:

For who?
This course is aimed at all those who work with athletes and training, but especially for those who want to optimize performance and reduce sports injuries. E.g. trainers, physiotherapists, naprapaths, chiropractors, doctors, personal trainers, massagers and others.


Denna kurs vänder sig till alla som arbetar med idrottare och träning men framförallt till er som vill optimera prestationen och minska idrottsskador. Tränare, fystränare, fysioterapeuter, naprapater, kiropraktorer, läkare, personliga tränare, massörer med flera.

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Optimising athlete performance

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